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글로벌 물관련 기관별 다양한 News 또는 Project 등에 대한 최신정보를 주기적으로 업데이트함으로써 글로벌 최신 동향정보 제공

프로젝트 목록
구분 프로젝트명 내용
USGS Data Management Plan USGS Data Management Plan Planning for a project involves making decisions about data resources and potential products. A Data Management Plan (DMP) describes data that will be acquired or produced during research; how the data will be managed, described, and stored, what standards you will use, and how data will be handled and protected during and afte...

등록일 : 2017-04-12

Water Hub Water Hub WaterHUB is a global communication and research platform for research, education, knowledge sharing and global outreach. WaterHUB enables sharing of knowledge, data and modeling tools related to water. WaterHUB also exploits the TeraGRID computational resource for executing shared hydrologic models through high performance comp...

등록일 : 2017-04-12

Data and Model Driven Hydrology Education Data and Model Driven Hydrology Education This collaborative project, involving Purdue University, Arizona State University and Carleton College, is funded by the National Science Foundation's TUES program. This project has the following objectives: (i) Develop a prototype for an online collaborative environment which allows educators to publish and share their...

등록일 : 2017-04-12

U.S. Drought Monitor U.S. Drought Monitor The U.S. Drought Monitor, established in 1999, is a weekly map of drought conditions that is produced jointly by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The U.S. Drought Monitor website is ho...

등록일 : 2017-04-10

Water Data Portal -IWMI Water Data Portal -IWMI The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) has been doing research on water for the last 30 years. Being a non-profit research organization all the research outputs and data used for the research are shared with researchers across the globe as a global public goods (GPGs). The Water Data Portal (WDP), following "one-st...

등록일 : 2017-04-10

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